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Old School 1.1.1 Mod APK (Mdickie, unlocked) Mobile game

Old School 1.1.1 Mod APK (Mdickie, unlocked) Mobile game
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  • 9 May 2024
  • Simulation
  • Android 7.0
  • 237.05 Mb
  • 1.1.1
  • MDickie
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Relive your school days in 3D where old school graphics bring back timeless fun!

Mdickie, unlocked

- New camera option (for Private students) allows you to drain the colour from the screen to look like CCTV footage!
- Tapping the health meter kneels down before sleeping.
- Yet more headwear.
- New costumes include more tattoo combinations.
- New moves include "Samoan Strike", "Targeted Punch" moves, trading blows, and ducking strikes.
- New props include toilet tissue, a hairdryer, and rocks.
- More scenery can be affected by explosions.
- Various bug fixes & balancing.

Attend a schedule full of classes in time to gather the knowledge you need to succeed, and take responsibility for your own behaviour every step of the way. With hundreds of other students walking the halls, an equally important popularity contest challenges you to survive long enough to thrive!

Envisaged in 3D for the first time, there are dozens of locations to roam inside and outside of school – as well as an abundance of fully interactive props to get you through the day. You can also fine-tune the camera to enjoy the Games/action/">Action from a variety of different angles.

Choose from hundreds of preset characters of any age, or upgrade to create your own by saving your changes to every character in the editor. Just when you think you've seen it all, a whole other career as a teacher awaits – which challenges you to impart knowledge as successfully as you learnt it!

* Acknowledging that school is the first (and only) place that many people experience violence, this is an unflinching exploration of how true morality can only ever grow out of the muddy waters of immorality. The game depicts a fictitious universe. Any similarity to real people, past or present, is coincidental.